Getting a Deep Clean for your Commercial Business

As a small business owner in Jacksonville FL, you might not be able to keep a full time janitorial staff on the payroll at all times. This is not uncommon for professionals in places such as office buildings, warehouses, education facilities, law offices, dentist’s offices or assisted living facilities. Precision Cleaning is fully licensed, bonded and insured and has been providing a detailed cleaning plan for businesses of all types since 2007.

A Thorough Checklist for Every Area

It’s always great to have a list and check it as you go to make sure the job is being done thoroughly and professionally. No one wants to be called out on subpar work. Precision Cleaning develops a thorough and detailed cleaning schedule and plan for each business that includes covers the following areas:

  • Appliances cleaned inside and out, including ovens, microwaves and bread makers
  • Sinks in kitchens and bathrooms cleaned, disinfected and polished
  • Dishwasher loaded and started
  • Hardwood or tile floors mopped and sanitized or carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Ceiling fans, picture frames and window blinds dusted
  • Trash cans emptied and fresh bags replaced
  • Toilets, showers and bath tubs cleaned and disinfected
  • Silver appliances shined and polished
  • And many more!

Being able to check off each area as it gets finished means you are getting the most thorough and meticulous cleaning in the industry. Nothing gets missed or ignored, and a team working togethergets the job done thoroughly and efficiently.

Handling the Unique Needs of a New Building Too!

Constructing a new building or doing major remodeling of an existing building comes with a lot of unique cleaning requirements. Sawdust or larger particles on the floor, labels left on windows or light fixtures, unique messes in sinks or on counters, stray screws or nails, and more. Precision Cleaning is experienced in new construction cleaning and can remove these messes quickly so you can continue working without hazards in your way or so you can get your newly constructed building on the market as soon as possible. Whether it is unsightly paint or plaster on the floor, dust or particles in tubs, sinks or on window sills, or manufacture labels or protective covers on windows, mirrors or other pieces of glass, Precision Cleaning knows what to look for and can get it removed. Once you are completely finished with the construction job, trust Precision Cleaning to disinfect and sanitize the building for that new area smell!