Guaranteeing you Find a Reliable Cleaning Company

Locating a reliable maid service in and around Jacksonville FL to help with your household chores and upkeep can be time consuming. Luckily, Precision Clean has been your locally owned and operated source for professional service since 2007. You can get a free estimate and may qualify for a new customer savings! When you’re looking for reliable and professional employees that do a thorough job on tidying your home, you can trust Precision Clean.

Finding a Reliable Cleaning Company

  • There are many ways to guarantee you are getting a professional cleaning service, but here are some things you might want to ask some companies before you decide to go with their services:
  • Licensed? Being licensed as a residential cleaning service and business can go a long way to ensuring you are working with a proper business and not just a fly-by-night part time worker. Precision Clean is licenses, bonded and insured!
  • Employee testing? You are letting a stranger into your home, with your personal belongings and valuables. Make sure employees are reliable people. Precision Clean performs background checks, drug and alcohol checks to make sure every worker is professional and honest.
  • Thorough job? Make sure you find a service that does more than just light dusting and quick vacuuming. Find someone who has a checklist and sticks to it for a ceiling to floor heavy duty clean in your home.
  • Are they reliable? If you set a schedule, you want it to be honored. Not everyone can wait around all day for a maid to show up. You are busy and you have things to do, so instead of waiting around make sure you find a company that can stick to schedules.
  • Bring all of their own equipment? You should not have to supply chemicals, vacuums, rags, etc. Precision Clean brings all of their own equipment and supplies. You usually only need to supply the occasional place to plug in a power cord!

50-Point Cleaning Checklist

Sweeping, dusting and taking out the trash is not a suitable checklist for a professional service. You want someone to get the job done thoroughly the first time. Precision Clean uses a 50-point checklist which covers the main rooms of the house; kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living room. Numerous jobs within each room are done, including cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, dusting all surfaces and picture frames, removing cobwebs from ceiling corners, making the beds, vacuuming accessible areas, polishing mirrors and other glass, mopping and disinfecting hard floors and much more.