What is the difference between your cleaning services and other companies?


Here at Precision Cleaning & more, LLC we clean all of our customer's homes as we would our own. Our motto of "Cleaned to PERFECTION!" says it all. Our 50 point checklist is the most thorough in the industry and ensures each and every cleaning receives the utmost attention to detail.

Our cleanings differ from other companies in that we do more than your standard "surface" cleaning. We also ensure the usually untouched areas are kept clean and up to par. This includes dusting off ceiling fans and baseboards, wiping down blinds and cleaning windows sills and much more. Click here to view our full 50 point checklist.


How can I find out if you service my local area?


You may use the office locator on the right side of the screen to enter your zip code. Using this office locator will provide you with all required contact information for your local office.


What is your guarantee?


We offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction on every aspect of your cleaning. If at anytime you feel your cleaning was anything short of the highest possible quality standards we will return and fix any and all concerns at no charge.


Are you licensed and insured? Can you provide proof upon request?


Yes. We are fully licensed and insured. We can certainly provide any requested documentation regarding our company.


How do I pay for the cleaning?


Payment for your cleaning is due on the day of service. Most customers leave a check made payable to Precision Cleaning & more, LLC in their home on the day of the cleaning. You may also place a credit card on file with us. We can write in the amount of the service for you in the event of the exact pricing/time table being unknown when you write the check. We will always contact you in advance to let you know the price of your cleaning once we arrive at the residence.


If I have a problem who can I call?


At anytime you may call our office and speak to any office staff or you may also speak directly with the owner of the company James Wenmoth. You may also email James at james@precisionclean.net. We are fully accessible to all of our customers at any time. If ever you may any problems or would just like to speak to us please feel free to contact us.


Are all of your employees fully trained and supervised?


All of our employees are required to pass a thorough test prior to employment. In addition we test for drugs and alcohol prior to employment and also at random intervals.


Should I tip the service providers?


If you feel the service providers and have done an excellent job we encourage you to show your appreciation to them. Thus tipping the service providers is an excellent way to inform them of your appreciation.


Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies, chemicals and/or equipment?


NO. We will provide everything required for the cleaning. All of our products are non-toxic non-abrasive. If you would like for us to use any specialty products or the ones you provide we can certainly do so. Please notify us of such in advance and we will be sure to accommodate your request.


Do you clean in teams or individuals?


We always work in crews of at least two employees.


If I sign up for a recurring service will I always have the same person in my home?


Yes, it will always be the same individual or crew on each cleaning.


What time will you arrive at my home?


Our normal operating hours are 8 AM to 5 PM. Due to the nature of our business it is often difficult to provide an exact time of arrival. Under normal circumstances we provide a 2 - 3 hour window of arrival. If required we will make every possible attempt to accommodate a specific arrival time. We can also contact you at a predetermined interval prior to our arrival.


How can I provide feedback on my cleaning?


We strongly encourage you to provide us feedback on your cleaning. We welcome all comments whether positive or negative. You can visit the FEEDBACK form on our web site. You may also contact your local office. We look very forward to hearing from you and knowing how we are doing. Your comments enable us to ensure we are exceeding all expectations and providing our Precision Cleaning & more, LLC each and every time.


Do you require a contract to provide cleaning services?


No we do not require any type of contract for our services.


Do you offer scheduled cleaning services?


Yes. Our normal recurring schedules are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services. We can also accommodate other individualized schedules. Whether it be 2 - 3 days a week, every 3 weeks, every other month or any other interval. Please contact your local office for prices on individualized schedules.


Do I need to be home when you arrive for the cleaning?


No. You do not need to be home when we arrive for the cleaning as long as arrangements have been made in advance for us to be able to access the residence.


What if my regular scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday?


If this occurs we will contact you at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule the cleaning for you. At times we may be able to meet special circumstances if service is required on a holiday. Please contact your local office for additional information. An additional fee may apply for these special circumstances.


What is your cancellation policy?


If you would like to cancel/change/skip your scheduled appointment we require a two (2) business days advanced notice. This will enable us to be able to reschedule your appointment and ensure we meet all other obligations. Under normal circumstances if at least a two (2) business days notice is not provided you will incur a $25 cancellation fee. If we arrive for your appointment and are unable to access your home to perform the service you will be charged the full price for that cleaning.


How do you access my home?


This is determined by you, the customer, on the first cleaning. There are different options including providing us with a key to your home, a garage code, leavening a key with us or alternative arrangements.


If I provide you with a key to my home how do I know they are safe?


Your key is coded as soon as it enters the office. It will be stored in a locked key storage box to which only Precision Cleaning & more, LLC management can access. The day of your scheduled cleaning, your key is matched to your job ticket. At the end of the day, the service provider returns all keys to management who then places them back into the secured storage box.


I don't see my question here. How can I get it answered?


You may contact you local office or by using the contact us form found here. You may also email us at james@precisionclean.net