Choosing the best janitorial service

When you are responsible for selecting a company that provides janitorial services in Jacksonville there are a number of factors to be considered. As a matter of course you want a service that is completely reliable, affordable and flexible. As the janitors can observe a great deal while they are going about their routine it is also important that they are discrete. It is helpful if you talk to others who use a janitorial service and see if you can get recommendations. If you cannot get personal recommendations turn to the internet, there will always be information available to help you select a couple of possible candidates. Once you have chosen a couple of companies interview them, ask them for references and make sure you do check them.


If you are hiring janitorial services for your home you can normally choose a smaller company that can clean your home to your schedule, perhaps only once a week. The cleaning responsibilities in a normal home usually entail a general tidying up of the main living areas, if you are planning a party or gathering then you can arrange for a more thorough cleaning. The normal expectations that you would have include dusting, sweeping and mopping the floors, giving the carpets and soft furnishings a thorough vacuum and any other small tasks that you might request.


If you are engaging janitorial services in Jacksonville for commercial purposes the selection process is somewhat different. Any space that is used for commerce needs to be cleaned daily, a restaurant, doctors office or any place which experiences considerable traffic must be clean and orderly to properly serve the public as well as provide a pleasant working environment for the employees. Companies that offer commercial janitorial services employ personnel that can work nights and usually provide industrial duty equipment.


Flexibility in providing a janitorial service is very important; this is true for both domestic and commercial services as the janitor must be available when the home or the office is empty. As important as flexibility is the janitors must be reliable, performing their duties in a professional manner. All employees of a janitorial services company must be trustworthy and discrete as they can be privy to sensitive documents.


When selecting a company that provides janitorial services in Jacksonville ask them for references of clients, not only current clients but past clients as well. Discuss your particular needs and have the company provide a formal proposal. Pull together as much information on the company as possible, the more you know the better the likelihood of getting an excellent service.